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revised 27 December 2004

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Often you want to know what a specific rule states. Now, without digging thru an index or table of contents, you can just key it in, hit return, and see the specified rule. Key in a rule using the part.section format (for example, 73.1400). A subsection is ignored and will not cause an error (for example, 73.1400(b) will return all of 73.1400). If you don't know the rule section, but do know the rule part, you can just key in the part number and hit return to get the table of contents for that part. Or, of course, you can scroll down the page the list of revision years. Clicking on a revision year brings up a table of parts for that year. You can then select a part to get a table of sections. Selecting a section brings up the text of the selected section.

FCC Record
As time allows, we're running OCR on selected issues of the FCC Record. Let us know what you'd like to see here! Send requests to

Search FCC Rules
This is a full text search of the FCC Rules. Put in a few words and hit return. You can select which year's rules to search.

At the bottom of each rule section is a link to CiteFind. This link returns a list of FCC website documents citing the specific rule.

Text and Graphics
The html version of each section does not include graphics. The intent here was to get speed and the advantages of hypertext. If you do need the graphics (such as the F50,50 graphs), find the section you want using the text mode (clicking on the section number after the decimal point), then, once the desired section is visible, click the part (the portion of the cite before the decimal point) to bring up the pdf version (with graphics). The rule number (part.section) is shown at the beginning of each display page, so you can easily get the pdf version by clicking on on the number before the decimal point at the top of the page. Note that the pdf version is delivered directly from the Government Printing Office. Note also that the PDF version is updated by the GPO in January of each year for rules published October 1 of the previous year. Therefore, for the current rules, the pdf links will generally not work! To get a pdf version of a rule, bring the rule up, then go back a year or two and try the pdf there, keeping in mind changes that are shown in the current version of the rule.

Federal Register Citations
At the bottom of each section of the rules is a history of the rule through citations to the Federal Register. Each citation has a link to the Federal Register at the Government Printing Office. The cited pages are available for volume 60 (1995) and later. The Federal Register pages are returned in frames with the actual FR text in a pdf frame.

False Links
The system recognizes the format of a rule citation, FR citation or FCC document citation and determines how to link to that document (through a look-up or a function based on the cite).  Unfortunately, some other text may look like one of these citations and form a false link.  This will result in the text being underlined and a different color.  Clicking on the false link will, of course, return a "document not found" error.

Linking to the Rules
You are free to link to the rules in your documents on the web. The URL to a specific section is where 73.1400 is replaced by the actual section you want link to.

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Thanks for using the FCC Rules!